BE Nomination for new BEF Board


On 17th October, by a note on the EHOA website, I drew your attention to the report in the Daily Telegraph of the difficulties which the BEF was facing in satisfying the requirements of UK Sport and Sport England. These requirements had been published last October.  Unless the BEF board and its relationship to the BEF Council complied with these requirements by 31 October, the sport could well lose all its lottery funding.

In an announcement just published by BE, and attached, Paul Hodgson, Chairman of British Eventing, explains the new make up of the BEF board and that BE has appointed Mr. Tim Holderness-Roddam to be its nominated director.

The process in which this appointment has been made is clearly set out in the statement below.  It is reported that due to tight timelines, sadly a non transparent process was deemed necessary.  At a time when good governance and transparency is extremely high on the UK Sports agenda, it is disappointing that BE took the decision not to consult with its stakeholders on this nomination process.

I hope in the future that we can have more open and transparent appointment processes and start to exercise good governance as required and expected of from a Members’ Organisation.



Cathy Butler

EHOA Chairman