Friday, April 20, 2018

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Mitsubishi Motors Cup

Don't forget we are accepting names for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup until noon on April 23rd. Your membership must be current in order to be eligible for the Shearwater Insurance prizes in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup 2018. Some fabulous goodies...

Mitsubishi Motors Cup

With the close of entries today for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup, please could you confirm whether you own or a riding a horse competing on the Tuesday or Wednesday at Badminton. Our loyal sponsor  Shearwater...

The Mitsubishi Motors Cup

This might affect some people trying to qualify for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup. Take a look for more information:…

EHOA Awards at the Mitsubishi Motors Cup 2017

EHOA 100 Awards were presented by Shearwater Insurance to: 1.  244 Sarah Arrowsmith riding Brother Bertie 35.1 finished 15th overall 2.  233. Alyson Parker riding J J Malone 39.5. 3.  225. Izzy Mears riding PSH Charisma. 56.6 The...
Mitsubishi Motors Cup

Mitsubishi Motors Cup – EHOA Members Compete

Good Luck to all EHOA members competing in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup this week Sarah Arrowsmith Carrie Childs Alisha Coombes Saffron Cresswell Sophie Hall Kate Ingram Alex McRobbie Alyson Parker George Pennington Alana Sparrow Jack Stancombe Anna Stillwell Lola Watt Molly Williams Claire Mowbray Georgina Williams Izzy Mears Nicole Hoult