Monday, February 18, 2019

With the new season just weeks away now we are delighted that Lucy Bednell has joined the team as blogger in the run up to The Mitsubishi Motors Cup.  We look forward to sharing the trials and tribulations of the preparation!

6 weeks, 42 days, 1008 hours until BADMINTON.

Well the weather tried to put a hold on training but Mylo and i did manage to get to most places we planned. We had a very busy half term, It was snowing as I broke up, so lots of digging was required to get to Field House for an amazing lesson with Jeanette Breakwell, Mylo was just jumping incredibly well, the drive back was a bit scary though and we did think we would be knocking on some friends doors on the way home. On the Wednesday of half term I had a U18 squad training with Richard Cruthurs and Dag Albert ready for Sunday as we were off to the Jump Training championships.

I qualified a couple of weeks before at Rodbastan, in the 90cm and the 1 meter classes. Saturday arrived and we had the 4 1/2 hour drive down to Hartbury, we watched some of the JAS finals, I then exercised Mylo in the most gigantic arena before he went to bed, it was so big Mum lost us. On sunday we had chance to watch the 80 before my class. Mylo warmed up amazingly well with Nick Gauntlet then jumped an fab round having the second fence down which was really annoying then jumped a fab second round. I was really pleased because last year he had a melt down every time we went indoors. The 1m which was more like 1.10 Mylo tried his hardest considering he is very spooky he tripped coming into the double and got his legs in a tangle but apart from that jumped every fence incredibly well.

The following weekend I went to an Eventers camp at Somerford. This was one fabulous camp, with the sun shining and everyone thinking summer was on the horizon ( well how we were wrong) we even got on the 80 acres, yes I said it we actually jumped on grass!,. I even managed a sneaky XC lesson with Nick Gauntlet, Mum had booked into the clinic but she managed to get me in as well. Well you have to make use of the time before camp was open. On Saturday Mylo and I had a fab lesson doing lots of amazing exercise which got us both thinking, that afternoon we had a dressage lesson doing lots of shortening and lengthening and other exercises to get Mylo going really well, despite both of us being half dead at the end , it was INCREDIBLE. Sunday came and in the morning we had another SJ lesson this time jumping courses and lines and Mylo flew around a 1.10 course, in the afternoon we had a cross country lesson on the GRASS. yes it was dry, yes it wasn’t slippy, yes it was sunny. We put lines of fences together although it was the first time cross country since qualifying for Badminton Mylo jumping fab.

The next weekend was meant to be another camp but the weather put a hold on that and decided it wasn’t going to be summer and it had to snow yet again.

Oasby arrived and we traveled up on the Friday night after Mylo having a nice time seeing School due to us setting off after parents evening. We arrived after a 3 hour drive and sorted Mylo out and put him in a lovely stable along with 3 other horses whos owners had also decided they would make there lives easier without the long drive in the morning. How we were wrong!! Rain, rain and more rain,raining all night and yes we woke up at 5am to read the text “ sadly we have had to abandon Oasby”. As Mylo was all plaited and clean, we looked for somewhere else we could go, we found NSEA county dressage at Beaver Hall. We drove 3 hours back straight past home, which trust me didn’t go down well, Mylo does the funny thing we call ‘this window that window’ he lookes out of both the windows in the lorry when we are coming up the hill to home. BUT when we drove past he definitely wasn’t happy, we then drove the 15 minute drive from home to beaver hall. It was definitely the longest drive to Beaver Hall EVER!!!!!

After learning the tests on the way Mylo warmed up really well for the P14 coming 2nd overall and 1st Staffordshire so qualifing for the champs at Bury Farm, we then did the N27 Mylo and I hadn’t been practising mediums at home because we had been learning the eventing tests, but anyways with a warm up practicing most of the movements, Mylo did a fab test to again come 2nd overall and qualifying Staffordshire.

While writing this blog we are currently snowed in AGAIN!!!!!! Let’s hope the ground improves before pony club camp in the Easter holidays and Norton Disney so the event season can really get underway.


I first went to badminton in 2014 with my Mum who was riding at the Grassroots, in total I went 3 times to watch her compete and to watch the BIG BADMINTON. After watching mum ride I have always wanted to go.

I am Lucy Bednall and my amazing pony is called Mylo ( My Grey Melody ) he is 143cm and a 12 years old Conamara . I am 13 years old and this will be my 3rd season eventing, I have had Mylo 3 1/2 years and we have been through a lot together.

In my first year eventing we did BE90’s all season, I had a lot of luck and got 6/10 top ten finishes and a win at Bold Heath, which I was very pleased with. That year I had two regional final tickets. The first I went to Skipton and went double clear and came 12 th. the 2nd regional final I went to was at Weston Park; we had a great dressage of 26, then the SJ which I had 8 faults and that was the end of my try to get to Badminton although Mylo did a great XC to finish 18th.

After Weston I was annoyed about our SJ so I spent all winter doing ALOT of training, we changed Mylos feed which made a big difference to him and made him less reactive . Mylo is a very spooky pony and with his new feed it seems to just control the spookiness which is Fab. – I came out of winter feeling great, out first event was Oasby where I came 2nd finishing on my dressage score, this was just the perfect start of the season. We then thought we would move up to 100. We went to Stafford and let’s just say the Ground was difficult!. We did a good dressage then 1 down SJ and then Mylo just ran out of energy on the XC, we think due to the deep deep mud. We did a few more 100’s completing all of them but we just felt Mylo wasn’t as confident as he could be so we put him back down to 90. –

Our next event we went to was Brand Hall, the day was amazing because I had some friends in the Pony Championships so we watched them aswell. Mylo did a fab dressage of 28.3, then double clear to WIN the class. This was the most fantastic day, we followed this with a run at Speetley where I came 7th and then Frickley where I came 12th due to me not wanting to push Mylo in the Mud. –

Our regional Final time arrived I had 2 tickets. My plan was to go to Dalston Green although this event was a long way away it meant I didn’t have to go to Weston Park where my demons in the sj still lay, we were going to go up to Dalston and stay over. Unfortunately the event got cancelled the day before, due to bad ground. So after a lot of thinking and wondering which RF I was going to do we decided I would go to Kelshall Hill and Weston Park. – The day of Kelshall arrived we only live 1 1/2 hours away so it wasn’t too bad a start. We arrived and walked the course, although it looked big there was nothing that petrified me. We warmed up for the dressage and although having a wet and boggy arena Mylo did a good test to get 35.5, then 1 down SJ then a stop XC. This made me think I would never qualify for Badminton. I had a few weeks of intense training before Weston Park. We later discovered that Mylo wasn’t eating the hay so we put him onto Hayledge and this made a big difference . –

Weston Park arrived it was a 4 am start, we arrived in the dark and we were a bit surprised to find we were first there. We had no time between phases so had to walk the course in the dark, using a torch to see the fence numbers. By the time we finished it was light. Mylo warmed up fantastically so much so I only had to do a 15 minute warm up. Mylo did a great test for 28.0, he then did a fab show jumping round, jumping an amazing clear to put my demons behind me, although Mum still had to hide behind a trailer as she couldn’t watch. Then to the cross country I did everything I could, and we managed a clear within the time to finish on my dressage score. Due to being very early in the section we had a long wait but finally we discovered I came 4th, and we were going to Badminton,It was the happiest time EVER!!!! –

So that was my journey up to qualifying for Badminton