What a torrid year it has been for everyone but at least we did manage to get the Sport back up and running after lockdown #1, thanks to one and all who facilitated this. 

With all the bad news around we, the EHOA, would like to bring some festive positive news. It has been a tough year and we would like to reach out to our members – at the recent Board meeting it was agreed between all the Directors of the Association that we would offer all current members a 20% discount on their membership fee in 2021 with all the uncertainty ahead. Please find the new tariffs below. 

2021 Subscription Rates:

Membership Type


Current Price 2021 Subscription rate with 20% discount
Joint £90 £72
Full £66 £52.80
Owner/Rider £42 £33.60


We sincerely hope you wish to remain as part of the Association in 2021 and beyond. The Board remain at your disposal and will continue to raise all matters relating to Owners to the Sport’s governing body. Please do get in touch if you have a matter you would like raising.

The Board would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Members a very Merry Christmas, please find our 2020 card attached.

See you in a grass field in 2021.