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Owners at events

The EHOA and other stakeholders are supportive of BE’s considerable effort to get the sport up and running at this time.   Sadly, as with other aspects of our lives, the resumption of normal activity has to take place under the new rules/guidance set by the government at this stage and limiting numbers on site at an event is one such restriction at this time.  

The EHOA have raised with BE the importance of owners to the sport and our concerns about the limit on their attendance, and they share our views.   The policy on numbers of attendees will be reviewed on an on-going basis as the restrictions are lifted.  It is difficult to predict the impact that the ‘arrive, compete, depart’ policy will have on attendance until some events have been run.  

We will of course let our members know as soon as the overall situation changes. 

Good Luck for the rest of the season



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