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Supporters at events

The EHOA is delighted that the sport is now up and running again after considerable effort by the many stakeholders.

As with other aspects of our lives, the resumption of normal activity has to take place under the new rules/guidance at this stage and limiting numbers on site at an event is one such restriction at this time.  

To reiterate the guidance from British Eventing is as follows:


  • One rider and one support per horse.
  • One owner per horse / Two owners per horse if from the same household. Membership cards to be shown or no entry. 
  • Eventing will resume ‘behind closed doors’ without spectators.



  • Two parents/guardians are allowed, if absolutely necessary
  • If two parents attend, no other owners will be permitted
  • Only competing children may attend

Read BE’s further ‘Guide to returning to eventing’ HERE.

As BE CEO Jude Matthews highlighted last week, we are one of the first larger number amateur sports to be restarting – and we are being closely watched. Journalists have contacted BE and organisers, and have called DCMS and Sport England with questions about the resumption, particularly about numbers of people on site at an event.

BE have received the ok to start based on strict protocols which are in place to ensure the safe running of eventing, and to protect all those involved.  As a reminder, we have received an early go ahead to start competition and this early restart was based on the strength of BE’s plans and protocols.

There needs to be the minimum number of people on site. Do not try and bring additional people with you – you risk your sport.  Be on site for the shortest time you need to be  – ‘Arrive, Compete, Leave’.  Maintain social distancing at all times.

The EHOA have raised with BE the importance of owners to the sport and our concerns about the limit on their attendance. The policy on numbers of attendees will be reviewed on an on-going basis as the restrictions are lifted. 

We will of course let our members know as soon as the overall situation changes but in the meantime we urge members for their safety, the safety of their family and friends and the wider public to comply with the restrictions on numbers attending events at this time.   No one wants to jeopardise the continuation of the sport by having large numbers at events.

Thank you in advance for your help.  


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