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We are back in work…

We are back in work, and the season is approaching. 1st event entered the 100 at Moreton on 4th March.



So we have been out hacking and started schooling.  The weather has been very wet and being on top of a hill (one of the highest points in Devon) means that when the temperature drops it’s been quite icy at times.  One day we were reduced to ‘indoor’ hacking complete with HiViz! and at times like that you really appreciate the indoor school!

Jack is quite a character and likes to help out when mucking out or you are around his stable, we often need to duck an empty feed bowl being sent over the door or he will untie his hoof pick and fling it around! With the wet weather we have had some sand bags down as a precaution and he has been using them for muscle building by lifting them up and swinging them around! This gets everybody clearing area!