Syndicate Brokerage

Following requests received from members (owners and riders), the EHOA board has agreed that the EHOA will implement and operate an impartial syndicate brokerage.  

Access our secure cloud storage area to see the riders’ directory and their individual marketing documents:

To download a particular rider’s document – click the three dots (…) next to their document name and click “Download”

To download all documents, click the “Download all”

The key objectives of the brokerage are as follows: 

  • To support riders and owners participating in syndicate ownership schemes involving horses that are split into sizeable shares.  Micro ownership schemes involving very large numbers of members are not in scope for this initiative. 
  • To support riders who would like to publicise their horse syndication opportunities to our 800+ EHOA members.  We aim to distribute such opportunities from riders 4 times per season, and if necessary due to timing – on a more frequent basis during the season. 
  • To support owners who would like to research riders who either have syndicate opportunities available and/or riders who would be prepared to consider running a horse in a syndicate.  Subject to sufficient riders agreeing to take part, we plan to document a riders directory to which EHOA members will gain access. 
  • To add value for EHOA members by collating and publicising administrative/owner focused information (e.g. ticket and camping arrangements) from venue owners/organisers who are running FEI events, at least in the UK. 
  • To add a new type of syndicate membership priced at £65, to allow syndicate members to access EHOA syndicate brokerage support, at a reasonable cost.  1 EHOA syndicate membership per syndicate – this will provide full hospitality and benefits access for 1 lead syndicate member, including direct support and advice (including to the rider) from an EHOA board member plus contract templates and related documents. Additional attending syndicate members may access EHOA hospitality at events via donation (at smaller events) or payment of the relevant guest fee for larger events – subject to venue hospitality capacity limits, especially at those events when EHOA are sharing venue hospitality provision with owners of competing horses; or they can take up EHOA membership in a relevant category (single, joint, rider etc) in their own right.
  • To support riders and owners by providing an example template syndicate contract – to cover all types of syndicate (e.g. ownership / non-ownership). 
  • At all times, to provide an impartial and supportive service for both riders and owners. 

Benefits to riders of joining the EHOA Rider’s Directory membership are as follows:

  • Provides a superb opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, syndication services available; and yard facilities to a list ofover 800 EHOA members.
  • Allows you to publicise only the information you are comfortable sharing and ensures you remain in full control ofany subsequent discussions about your facilities and services with any potentially interested owners.  You are free to include photos, links to videos, and/or existing documents that you already have prepared.  EHOA will publicise the riders directory to all EHOA members, and any resulting contact between EHOA members and riders will be entirely direct between yourself and the potentially interested party.
  • You will gain access to all the existing EHOA benefits: superb ring-side hospitality marquees at a range ofUK events, including Cirencester, Thoresby Park International, Badminton, Chatsworth International, Bramham International, Nunney International, Burgham International, Blair Castle International, Burghley, Blenheim and Osberton and more.
  • Additional benefits include a range of generous member discounts on leading products and services, the EHOA prize fund for grassroots riders; and participation in the EHOA Members League for 4* horses, with prize money across the winner, runner up and top placed horse ridden by a young rider. You will require EHOA Rider/Owner membership to join the riders directory, priced at a very reasonable £50 a year.

The EHOA syndicate brokerage will be operated and supported by EHOA board member Ruth McMullen, who will be very happy to take queries and assist in any way possible.  

Please visit the page to join as either a Syndicate Membership or a Rider’s Directory member of the EHOA.

Please email  FAO Ruth if you need further information.