A minimum of £20,000 of prize money in 2022


The Event Horse Owners Association (EHOA), a strategic partner of British Eventing, is funding an exciting and dynamic new league for top level eventing on British soil. The league will reward the most competitive and consistent horses with EHOA membership, focusing on UK four-star competitions throughout the 2022 season.

The EHOA points system, designed by EquiRatings, features a tight points distribution for the top 25 (CCI4*-L) and top 15 (CCI4*-S) finishers, plus a unique negative points structure for cross-country jumping errors. The expectation is that the league will remain hotly contested by a large number of both established and up-and-coming horses, with the potential for dramatic changes to the series leader board on every cross-country day.

The points system rewards exceptional, consistent results at this level and therefore will be equally open to riders, regardless of the number of horses they have at this level. The EHOA aims to give owners and riders of top-level horses a season to celebrate.


The EHOA Member’s League 2022 will carry a minimum of £20,000 in prize money, divided between the winner (£15,000 minimum), the runner-up and a special prize for the top placed horse ridden by a young rider (aged 28 or below until end of 2022). The EHOA Members’ League is open to all but in order to claim the prizes the owners of the horses must be a member of the EHOA before 1 September 2022.  For horses with multiple owners one owner must be a member.  After that date, the league will reduce to only those combinations owned by an EHOA registered owner.

the 2022 season

Comprises all GBR CCI4*-S and CCI4*-L class from Chatsworth onwards to the end of 2022.


25pts for winning a CCI4*-L, reducing by 1pt per place to all top 25 finishers

15pts for winning a CCI4*-S, reducing by 1pt per place to all top 15 finishers

  • 5pts for 20 to less than 40 jumping penalties on cross-country
  • 10pts for 40 or more jumping penalties on cross-country
  • 15pts for failing to finish the cross-country phase

The calculations

A horse’s best four points values will be summed together

ALL negative points incurred will be subtracted from their series total

In the event that the league leaders are tied then the winner will be the horse with the highest value points for their best result. Should this value also result in a tie, then the winner will be the horse that achieved a lower finishing score in the result that is their highest points value.


EHOA have the following code of conduct ethos based on integrity, honesty, fair play and respect.  EHOA also puts central focus in terms of conduct on welfare of horse, rider and owner in equal measure. These principles are integral not optional and apply to the competing in this league. It’s the EHOA Board’s decision, at their total discretion, if they believe that anyone connected to this league infringes against this and thereby forfeits any winnings or recognition associated with it.

Owners, Riders and members should:

  • Show respect for their horse/pony, coaches, officials, organisers, steward, fellow members at all times.
  • Respect, dignity and worth of all people involved in the sport should be exercised at all times, regardless of race, gender, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation, religion or political opinion.
  • When competing, they should abide by British Eventing rules and accept decisions of organisers and stewards.
  • Rider, owners and members are welcome to raise any query concerning this league. This must be done in a polite, respectful manner to the Chair of the EHOA Board, in a timely manner.

ehoa member's league podcast

To learn more about the EHOA Members’ 2022 League, you can listen to EHOA board members Claire Dubowski and Linda Allan in conversation with Nicole Brown


If you have any enquiries about the EHOA Members’ League please contact
Claire Dubowski –