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Rural Motor Campaign from Shearwater Insurance

At Shearwater Insurance we are used to looking after a variety of different vehicles in all shapes and sizes. From cars to four x four’s to quads and even tractors we can help you to get the best insurance deal – and even supply it all under one policy.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have everything under one roof?

We believe in keeping it simple which is why we can provide insurance which covers all your rural motor needs – both agricultural and rural business. This means your agricultural vehicles, private cars, four by fours and commercial vehicles can all sit within one unique policy specifically for you. Whatever you have we can cover it, from combine harvesters to fork lift trucks to your favourite roller, we can help you protect it all.

We understand the rural environment

The risks associated with motors and town are often different and unique to those which are found in rural areas. We know the problems flooded roads, wild animals and sharp bends can cause as well as the importance of getting you back on the road should the worst happen, after all not everyone lives on a bus or tube route!

Currently we have some fantastic rates available on our Rural Motor Policies, in particular you could save on your 4×4 vehicle as well as keeping everything simple and all under one roof. So why not give us a call on 01992 718666 or visit our website to see if we can help you with your insurance cover.

Events International

Event Riders Masters 2017

The Event Rider Masters 2017. The World’s best event riders battle it out over this six event series for the coveted Event Rider Masters title.

EHOA Owners

BE Membership Initiative

Under a new initiative spearheaded by our  Chairman, Cathy Butler and  Yogi Breisner, the owners of any horse who represented GB on a Championship team in 2016 have been granted a complimentary BE membership.

To reward and recognise the loyalty and dedication of owners of horses selected for Rio 2016, they will receive a two year membership to acknowledge their horse’s achievements and their support of British Eventing, whilst owners of all British youth team horses have been presented with a 12 month membership for their services to BE.