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EHOA Awards at the Mitsubishi Motors Cup 2017

EHOA 100 Awards were presented by Shearwater Insurance to:

1.  244 Sarah Arrowsmith riding Brother Bertie 35.1 finished 15th overall

2.  233. Alyson Parker riding J J Malone 39.5.

3.  225. Izzy Mears riding PSH Charisma. 56.6

The EHOA 90 Award Winners:

1st 384. Katie Ingram riding Hollyhatch highflyer. 32.8

2nd 303 Anne Stillwell riding  Wells head squiggle 33.8

3rd 376. George Pennington riding Challenger. 34.6

Photos to follow

Discount Providers

Honri Hats Badminton Offer

Just to let you know that Honri Hats, one of our discount providers, will once again be at Badminton this year and Paul has a great offer for Members. Read on for more details…

“I would also like to offer to give any EHOA members whose horse is running at Badminton a free top hat shine up.  Either they or there rider can bring the hat to my stand from Wednesday at Badminton and have it polished up while they wait.  I will also check the fit and do small adjustments has required.”

Honri Hats can be located on stand 163 at the stable end of Swangrove avenue. Please ensure you bring your EHOA membership card with you to obtain this generous offer from Paul.

For those people interested in Honri Hats they supply their own range of bespoke traditional Hunt caps & Top Hats. They also can also repair and refurbish both traditional hunt caps and silk top hats. Contact Paul on 01453 873595 to discuss your requirements.

EHOA Events

EHOA Badminton Hospitality Marquee

The hospitality marquee will be open from Thursday and Friday mornings at 9am and at 8:30 Saturday and Sunday mornings. All EHOA members are welcome. Should you wish to bring a guest it will be allowed provided there is space in the marquee but you will be asked to pay. On Thursday and Friday it is £15 per guest per day and on Saturday it will be £25 per guest and on Sunday £20 per guest.

To make your experience more pleasurable please make sure you have your membership to hand and if possible your badge; this will make the signing in process as stress free as possible. All current members will be on the guest list held at the door.

We, the board, of the EHOA look forward to seeing you throughout the week.

Grass Roots

Mitsubishi Motors Cup – EHOA Members Compete

Good Luck to all EHOA members competing in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup this week

Sarah Arrowsmith
Carrie Childs
Alisha Coombes
Saffron Cresswell
Sophie Hall
Kate Ingram
Alex McRobbie
Alyson Parker
George Pennington
Alana Sparrow
Jack Stancombe
Anna Stillwell
Lola Watt
Molly Williams
Claire Mowbray
Georgina Williams
Izzy Mears
Nicole Hoult