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The BEF Medal of Honour

BEF Medals of Honour at Olympia, The London International Horse Show held at Olympia in London in the UK, between the 16-22 December 2019

It was an exciting afternoon at the London International Horse Show when recently retired EHOA Chairman Cathy Butler received The BEF Medal of Honour.    An event horse owner herself with her husband, she shone a light on the importance of owners in equestrian sport, and has made great strides in gaining recognition for them.

The British Equestrian Federation Medal of Honour is awarded to those recognised as having completed acts of international endeavour in relation to equestrian sport, and for outstanding services to the Federation or its Member Bodies. 

Cathy commented “This has come as a huge surprise and I feel immensely honoured to have been recognised in this way for my work with the EHOA,” commented Cathy. “It’s a privilege to have been a part of both the Association and the sport of eventing in general, which leads me to thank all those that I have worked with over the years.”

This year, seven recipients have been chosen to join a cohort of 316 holders of the Medal of Honour, going all the way back to February 1949.

For more information on the award click here

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