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Guidance on the movement of horses to the EU in a No-deal Brexit scenario

Please see attached a press release issued by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) outlining guidance on the movement of horses to the EU in a No-deal Brexit scenario. 

The press release reflects the Thoroughbred Industries Brexit Steering Group update issued on 1 February and also, importantly, reiterates that the UK Government will continue to use existing systems for the import of horses in a No Deal scenario – a measure which we fully support. 

This is part of a co-ordinated communication, which BHA has been working with Defra on alongside the wider equine sector, to ensure that participants are aware of the preparations they need to make in the event of a No Deal Brexit for equine movement to EU countries.  

The BHA webpage on Brexit – – has been updated to reflect the latest guidance, including FAQs, and they will be utilising Defra collateral (an example of which is below) to communicate to participants through social media channels.