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Firle Area Championship

Firle Area Championship

We are thrilled that EHOA members entered for any Firle Area Championship classes (not qualifiers), will be eligible to be considered for highest placed member to complete with no xc jumping penalties award.

There will be six prizes of £100 and a rosette to the highest placed EHOA member in each of the Area Festival Championships at 80, 80 open /  90, 90 open,/ 100, 100 open. One award per class.

If you are lucky enough to win a prize please could you to be around for the prize giving’s to your rosette and prize.  Please could you send us a photo and a quote after the event to enable us to send them to the donors to say THANK YOU for their contribution?

We are delighted to support the Area Championships in this way.

If you have any questions at all please contact

Now for the small print:

The winners must be fully paid up EHOA member before their class date at Firle Area Festival.

You must complete the competition and have no xc jumping penalties (time is fine).

People who enter the AF qualifiers for next year’s national championships will get a chance to win prizes then, so sadly are not in the prize pot this time.




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Sport Protocols update 17th May

British Eventing have updated their COVID guidance in light of the latest easing of restrictions.

A handy reference guide is here.

Full information can be found on the BE website here